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The CAMBRAAP is composed of the Presidency and the Secretariat.

The Presidency is composed by the Institutional Relations President, by the Executive President (jointly reffered as Presidents), by the Vice-Presidents, by the Legal Advisory Council and by the International Advisory Council.


The Presidents shall:

(a) Represent the CAMBRAAP;

(b) Convene and preside the meetingsof CAMBRAAP;

(c) Jointly issue Administrative Resolutions;

(d) Aprove rules related to other dispute resolution mechanisms;

(f) Jointly issue complementary standards, in order to clarify doubts, guide the application of the Arbitration Rules, including in cases of ommission;

(g) Jointly nominate arbitrators in aad hoc proceedings, under request by the Parties.

(h) Jointly nominate arbitration in the cases established by the Arbitration Rules

(i) Jointly decide on extension of deadlines which are not under the jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal, as well as those related to arbitrator nomination.

(j) Jointly appoint arbitrators, mediators and experts to compose their resective list of professionals.

(k) Claim, by a reasoned decision, any power granted to the Secretariat or any other body of CAMBRAAP;

(l) Perform any other functions granted by the Arbitration Rules.


Vice-Presidents shall:

(a) Substitute the Presidents in case of absence or impediment;

(b) Assist the Presidents in the performance of their function;

(c) Perform other functions granted by the Presidents.


The Secretariat, under the supervision of the Secretary General, shall:

(a) Keep, under its responsibility, the records and documents of CAMBRAAP;

(b) Supervise and coordinate the administrative activities of CAMBRAAP;

(c) Ensure the proper progress of the proceeding administered by CAMBRAAP, especially regarding the compliance with the deadlines, as well as perform the role attributed to the Secretariat by the Rules or by the Presidents;

(d) Organize events related to the promotion of arbitration and of CAMBRAAP and perform other administrative activities.